The Sky Is Falling

Do you ever feel like the sky is falling in and totally out of your control?  Things happen, life gets in the way.  How do I transfer my spirituality into my everyday life where the rubber hits the road.

Critics have said, “Put a Christian in hot water and their true colours come out”.   What are my true colours? What are yours?

The last few days I have had some pain in my knee.  Last night my daughter noticed that the bathroom ceiling has some mould on the ceiling and is extremely soft to the touch.  In other words, the ceiling is full of water from a leak from the suite above mine and eventually will fall in if not tended to,

I find both of these issues troubling to say the least.  But, here is a test.  How much do I trust God and His omnipresence?  He is everywhere and cares for the sparrow that falls, how much more will He care for me, His Word says  This the whole crux of the matter.  I either believe that the bible is the inspired word of God or I don’t believe that  it is so.  If I believe His Word is true, then I must take his promises literally  His ways are not always my ways.

So what did I do about these two really big issues happening at this time?  I turned them over to God in prayer.  Once I did that I felt settled inside.  The panic mode changed to one of rest and peace. Trust in God and somehow this will work out one way or another.  I took care of the practical, emailed the strata’s management company and had a friend look at the ceiling.  My friend would have noticed the mould if it was there 5 days ago when he was last here,.  So it seems that the water and dampness may have been happening  for awhile.  As for my knee, icing it and taking medication, relieves the symptoms until I see my Doctor. 

So I put the matter in God’s capable hands and let it go?  Well, not quite.  This morning it was the first thing on my mind so I had to turn the issues over to God  yet again.

Today’s reading was in Matthew where Jesus was performing miracles and people were being healed!.  The verse in my Daily Meditation was “Be still, and know that I am God!,”  Psalm 46:10

So I take His word that He is an all powerful God and then I feel peace.  That is really what we all want is to feel, peace and not be anxious and in turmoil over our circumstances.

What a gift, if I only believe.


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1 Response to The Sky Is Falling

  1. Betty Mae & Dave says:

    Incredibly well written Margo! Happy for you that your new found relationship with God helps bring peace and purpose to your life. Looking forward to reading more posts.

    Betty Mae & Dave

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