Miracles and Jesus Resurrection from the dead

What a wonderful day to remember and celebrate that because He, Jesus died and arose, I can live also today, tomorrow and forever.

We see miracles every day and sometimes we are not even aware.
Everyday miracles. The big ones, like healing one from sickness, we admit to. What about the birth of a baby, one of God’s special miracles.

I experienced a miracle of healing myself from the depths of postpartum depression, I was touched by The Lord

What about the miracles you can’t see, ones that are not as obvious but a miracle just the same.

I started a group called Celebrate Recovery. What I thought I might get help with is my emotional eating issues. Instead, God had a surprise. First of all, how ironic, to have me taking this step group in the very church I walked away from over 24 year ago. I thought I would never set foot in that church again.

God knew what He was doing. He preformed a miracle in my heart by bringing me to a point where I could let it all go. This heavy load of resentment I carried all those years. I was bound up by hanging on to the past. Now I am set free from that resentment and THAT IS A MIRACLE TO ME!


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