Gifts From The Heart

This time of year, the focus is on giving gifts, donating to people, giving to the poor doing acts of kindness. Many people feel happier and more generous at this time of the year. Unfortunately, there are some people that feel sadder and lonelier at Christmas than any other time of the year.

What is the reason for the season? The reason we give gifts to one another? Hopefully to celebrate the Birth of Christ a saviour to those of us that will receive Him. Yet His very own recognized Him not. He was the very Word of God in the flesh. Wow! can you imagine what that must have been like. He lived the word and used whatever was nearby to make a point. Bread, water, wine, mustard seeds, birds etc.

Our family and I know many others, use their Christmas money to give to a charity or persons of our choice. That has become our way of giving back.

What if we have nothing to give? I think of that song, The Little Drummer Boy, all he had to give was his drum and his song from the heart.

Although we don’t give physical gifts to one another, we can share our hearts with one another? We can open up our hearts to the person alone without a family.

This year, I am writing letters from my heart which I hope will be a blessing to the receivers. It is just something God has put on my heart to do.

May you all have a peaceful and joyous Christmas.


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