Thanksgiving Day

Yesterday my family gathered around the table for dinner.  We all said something we are thankful for.  This got me thinking about this one day.

I began to ponder what perspective I have.  Am I a grateful contented person or do I focus on what I don’t have and am discontented?

I can easily blame my negative views on my home environment while growing up. Or I can blame it on my genes.  In the end it is my responsibility and challenge to change my mindset. Is my glass going to be half empty or half full?  I have freedom to choose.

What if I were to start each day saying one small thing I can be thankful for?  Would my day be a better day if  I did this?

Once as an exercise, I was asked to make a list of everything in my life I was thankful for.  I could start a new one and what an inspiration it could be on days when I need encouragement.

If my mindset and attitude was one of gratitude, I believe that difficult times would go smoother. It has been said in scriptures, “I have learned that whatever state I am in to be content.”

Just some thoughts that may challenge all of us to shift our perspective just a little.


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