A Coincidence?

I have heard that there are no coincidences with God. He often has to speak to us a few times and in different ways before we (I) get it!

This week I was reading something I wrote in 2001 during the time I was in broken fellowship with The Lord. I talked about longing for the faith a friend had. I also wrote that I had felt that I had been a striving Christian. Striving for what? To earn His love? Be more loving, obedient? There is nothing I can do to earn His free gift of love, His grace is sufficient for me. By His grace I am saved.

Yet there is another striving mentioned in the bible in Hebrews 4. This morning our message
was about and striving to enter into this rest. One translation says be diligent.

All of this change comes from talking to God, about our (my) cares, letting Him handle it all. God is bigger and more able than I will ever be in my own strength. Just like God transforms us from the inside out.

I learn these truths and promises from His Word, the bible. He writes His words in my heart and renews my mind.

Christianity isn’t about being perfect and following a set of rules that are impossible to keep. It is about His love, grace, the cost Jesus paid for dying for our (my) sins. I am not perfect but I serve the One who is.

My natural will still wants to run the show. Yielding to His will and being transformed requires His Word to be etched upon the tablet of my heart. Meditatively reading the word not just skipping through it, but pausing, talking to God, praying as I read. Admitting and being totally honest of my thoughts, feelings and actions. That is how I see change and fellowship with my Lord.

We also heard this morning, were reminded, that we are second, God is first. God, help me to remember that and that only YOU are my hope.


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