It has been a year since I started

It has been a year since I started going back to church.  It has been a good year, I am finally “home” after 24 years of wandering.  The outward is Church, hearing God’s word preached and worshiping Him.  I am part of the body of Christ, the members of this little Church.

Far more important is the inward changes.  I have a regular devotional time, reading the bible and praying.  I have a prayer partner and we have seen marvelous answers to our prayers.  I am responding to what I feel is God’s leading in my life.  I want Him in charge even though, I sometimes try to be in charge, I am learning to yield my will bit by bit.  It is a journey and changes do not happen all at once.  I heard someone once say, “we take up our cross, when we cross  our will”. My will is always fighting to stay in control.

I have started a great program called Celebrate Recovery, where we address our habits, hurts and hangups.  It is interesting the group I go to is in my former church.  I know healing is going to come out of this as I yield to Him and follow the steps and do a Spiritual Inventory.. I am not perfect but I serve a God who is.


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