Love Beyond Human Comprehension

Today is the Central Holy Day in Christianity. What Christ has done by dying on the cross for my sins is unfathomable. It is mind blowing that Jesus act of obedience by dying on the cross, for my sinful nature and all my sins. All God asks is I only believe, that I may have everlasting life. What a gift!

Also, that I may know Him and have a personal relationship with Him now, right now on earth.
I’m so glad to be back in fellowship walking with God each and every day after so many years of broken fellowship with Him.

Why do I believe? I can only say that I have been given the gift of faith by His grace to believe that indeed, Jesus is the way, the truth and the life.

This I know, that if anyone truly seeks God, they will find Him. We all have need of a Saviour.


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1 Response to Love Beyond Human Comprehension

  1. Dave F. says:

    Only after seeing the preview of the “Bible” episode on TV when Jesus is crucified, did I realize just how much he sacrificed and suffered. I’m not a Christian but I think I can understand why he gave his life for so many and then return to them. Dave F.

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