What Do My Thoughts Focus On?

What is happening on my journey these days?  
Something felt not quite right.  I was not feeling in tune with God.  I had started to get an interest in computer mystery games.  Being the compulsive sort they were consuming my time and my thoughts.  I felt not as close to God.  Although, I kept thinking about a verse, “You cannot serve God and mammon.”  (Or two masters).  I refused to ponder what it meant.  I guess I really knew what this was referring to, the games.
Years ago, I heard someone talk about innocent amusements.  Activities we enjoy that are seemingly harmless but take our mind off things of The Lord.  As the speaker put it, “Others may, you may not.”
In my case the games were monopolizing much of my mind.  It wasn’t until I heard the message on Sunday morning that the change in me took place.  My Pastor was speaking on Revelation 3 where the church had become lukewarm, it was neither hot or cold.  I had started feeling a lot like that early church.  We broke up for prayer after the service and I shared with the group that I didn’t feel as on fire for The Lord as I wanted to be.
When I got home the first thing I thought of were those games.  I removed them all from my computer.  Since then I have had peace and even more of a hunger for the Word.  I have even 
started an Online Bible Study.
My heart has been at peace below the surface of the everyday rough patches.  I was thinking of a comparison of an ocean with the rough waves above but the quiet calm below.

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