Today my heart is full with thanksgiving for the goodness of God in my life. In all the steps along the way He has been there protecting me. He had His hand upon me when I walked away from following Him and my steps took me into other places. So many times I could have ended up in tragic situations.

Even when I thought He wasn’t answering my prayers, He still did, because he had a greater plan to give me my heart’s desire.

I am grateful, He has once again drawn me back into fellowship with Him and other Christians. I am truly blessed.


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2 Responses to Thanksgiving

  1. marja says:

    Thank you, Margo. Happy Thanksgiving to you too. So glad you have found the Lord again.
    Okay if I forward a link to this post to Living Room participants?
    May God bless you…but I guess He already has…

  2. tdsupport says:

    Hi Margo,
    Thankyou for reminding us that we are all truly blessed.

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