What About Prayer?

What is all this mystique regarding prayer? Who should pray? Are only the church leaders given power to pray? Why pray at all? Does God answer our prayers? How do I pray?

These questions and many others have been asked since the beginning of time.

Some of us have only prayed when we get into a jam and are frightened. During those times the bargaining with God often takes place. If you help me or do this thing, I will serve you or promise to do good. I know, I’ve pleaded with God at times as well.

This week I was having a discussion with someone about praying for others and what God’s will in the situation would be. I know that sometimes His answering our prayer is not to answer yes because He has a greater good or plan.

I thought of Jesus being asked by the people of His day how they should pray. He responded by saying that they should pray in secret and that God knows what we have need of even before we ask.
He then told them to pray what is commonly known as The Lord’s Prayer found in Matt6:9-13. The model Jesus gives covers it all.

I know countless books and sermons have been written on prayer and no doubt also the Lord’s Prayer. I am only speaking about what personally touched me this week as I pondered this prayer.

Hallowed be thy name ,holy and sacred, we acknowledge God and worship and adore Him. I feel the prayer models our surrender and desire that our will and desire be one with Him. It talks about us forgiving others and asking for our own forgiveness. The end again acknowledges that God is the power and the glory forever.

On a day to day basis, I am just talking to God while I’m going through the day. I am trying to develop an attitude of gratitude for the blessings in my life. To me prayer is a growing friendship with God, getting to know Him more and more each day. I want to be closer to God and this is how I am working on it.


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