Peace Beyond My Understanding

This has been a week of questions, unanswered ones.  The “whys” of circumstances that are harmful, hurtful, painful.

Sometimes there will never be an answer on earth.  I can only trust that God has a plan that will someday be revealed.  I don’t know or suppose to know these things.  If I start blaming or accusing God it won’t change things and probably make me feel angry and unhappy.

When violence happens such as events as of late, it is a real tragedy there is know doubt about that. Now  those that have been either injured and touched by these events need to be tended to..

This week I had some worrisome news from my Doctor.  Since she is very worried and puzzled over my lab results, I suppose I ought to be.  Sure my mind went to many possible horrible outcomes, I’m only human.

Because of my new found journey back to God, I turned the situation over to Him.  I have been at peace with the whole issue and feel calm.  I have no worries of anxieties about this.  I has to be God’s grace because I am a natural worrier.

I haven’t felt this peaceful, content and happy in a long time.  And I owe it all to God.

I recall one of the songs my dad used to sing to me: 

“What a friend I have in Jesus

, All my sins and griefs to bear

, Oh what peace we often forfeit, oh what pain we often bear,

All because we did not carry, Everything to God in prayer.”



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