Am I Too Busy For What is Really Important

Lately I have been too busy to update this blog.  This has got me thinking about what is really important and of value in all this activity in my life.  What am I filling my time with instead of doing a more important activity?  Am I taking time out to really think?  It is easy to be so focused on activitiy that it prevents me from focusing on working on myself or doing what is of value.

There are always appointments and obligations that we have.  That is unavoidable and a fact of life.  There is usually some free time and I do have a choice how to fill it

An organizer told me you have schedule in things that are of importance and of value to you so you will make sure those things get done.

Since I have returned to my Christian faith, I want a closer walk with God.  This is of great value to me.  To do that I need to learn more about Him by reading His Word, the bible.  Also, because He is my friend, I want to talk to him and thank him for all he has done.  This quiet time with God can be easily lost If I  start the day off in a rush of activity. I make sure this  is scheduled first thing on the morning when my mind is fresh from sleep. I ask God to direct my steps for the day.

For me my communion with God is my number one priority, it sets the tone for my day. Reflection, by journal writing, I have scheduled next.  Then my exercises, a must after hip surgery for the next year.

I have some writing obligations that I am working on at present, so for now that will take up some of my day.  When these obligations are finished, I will have to schedule in the writing of my memoir which has had to be on the back burner for the time being.

This takes care of most of my morning which starts at 7am.  I find getting up early helps me to accomplish what I want to do.  In the afternoon, I often have appointments, or activities, that need to be attended to.

I love to read with a passion. I have a free trial subscription of the Globe and Mail, while informative, it can use up a few hours easily.  I could very spend the day reading books , which I have done.  There is the TV as well that could easily take up the better part of the day if I allowed it.

Family and friends are of value and important and I need to allow more time to nurture these relationships.

I didn’t intend this post to be a lesson on organizational skills or self improvement.  I only wanted to share what is happening in my journey.


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  1. Leanne Boyd says:

    I like this Margo, now if only I could implement it.

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